Stellar Striker

  • Strategy-FAQ-Merge Drive

    05 19,2016

    1.Where can I find the entrance of Merge Drive?
    Fighter-Merge Drive, when your Team Level reaches 26, this function unlocks. 

    2. When I click Choose Fighter button, why the interface is empty? 
    The fight that are in battle or merged cannot be merged, this means that you don’t have enough fighters. 

    3. When I choose the fighter, but it shows the fuse bonus and fuse BR is 0.
    Please do the merge according to the rules. Put the strongest fighter in the first place, and then the second, third and fourth thus to obtain the highest BR. 

    4. Does the fuse tech keep changing? 
    The fuse tech depends on the current fighter that player puts in, when the fighter BR is higher than the demand of fuse then it goes automatically to the next level and gain a stronger fuse bonus. 

    5. Why does the fuse tech show as 10,000/0?
    100,000 shows the BR of the current fighter that is put in, while 0 means the minimum BR demand for fuse merge is 0, that is to say, there is no requirements for slightest BR. 

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