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Stellar Striker

  • Strategy-FAQ-Arena

    05 19,2016

    1.What if I forget to claim the awards of Arena Rank, can I get them the second day?
    If you forget to claim Arena Rewards, then you can claim them through the Reward Module but only kept up to a total of seven days, so be sure to remember to claim the rewards.

    2.What are the Rewards for Arena?

    Rules of Rewards: each time you challenge the other player, if you win, you get 400 points, while if you lose, you can still get 200 points. The rank will be settled on 21:00 each day and the system will automatically send the rewards according to the current ranks. 

    3.What are the rules of Arena Battle?
    Apart from the Top Ten players, the other players can challenge ten players with a higher rank and two players with a lower rank. The Top Ten players can challenge all the other players except himself on the rank list. If player win the one with a higher rank than him, then they exchange the rank, the player who loses during the challenge maintains the previous rank. 

    4.What does the Raid Function in Arena work? 
    When the players reach Top 500, they can open the Raid Function. If players challenge the players who are with a lower rank, then the result of system default is victory. Raiding in the Arena doesn’t cost blitz token. 

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