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Stellar Striker



  • Frost Prism

    • Ice - Freezes all enemy with a blast of ice, damages all enemies twice.
    • Frostgarrd - Abandons physical form of fighter, engages in natural form.
    • Frost - Fires sharp icicles, dealing damage equal times of attack.
    • Guard - Bullets fired have frost effect.
  • Fire Plume

    • Fire - Summons meteor shower from the sky, damaging all enemies twice.
    • Phoenix - Phoenix's Final, launch missiles of mass destruction for seconds.
    • Flame - Fires 4 Missiles from the tail, dealing damage equal of attack.
    • Bathed - Use fire magic to enhance attacks, gains points of magic attack.
  • Cyclone

    • Quantum - Heat up the air and create explosions, damaging all enemies twice.
    • Armament - Activate Force Core, enter quantum state, unleash explosive power.
    • Blade - Propellers create 'wind blade' dealing damage of attack.
    • Cannon - Increase points of Force type damage.
  • Iron Ares

    • Judgement - Fires a deadly ray that damages all enemies twice.
    • Lethal - Mech overloads reactor core and transforms into a giant cannon.
    • Payload - Mech fires explosive payload with small AOE effect dealing damage.
    • Power - Increase Fighter's attack.
  • Storm Shadow

    • Twilight - Fires all guns, damages all enemies twice, each damage is equal.
    • Swift - Mech switches to assault mode.
    • Wraith - Shadow type thorn attack, damage of attack.
    • Armor - Fighter attack increase.
  • Dragon Wing

    • Fracture - Dealing damage equal of attack.
    • Slaughter - Awakens the dormant power within.
    • Rebellion - Dealing total damage equal of attack.
    • Evil - Fighter attack increase.
  • Golden Crusader

    • Gold - Summons Sword of the Ancients, damaging all enemies twice.
    • Angel - Hear Call of Gods, transform into Arcangel and release attack.
    • Rule - Fires Scatter Missiles from the head, dealing damage.
    • Enchant - Fighter attack increase.